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Wrendesign is an artist-owned company showcasing about 400 original paintings and also offering a section on illustrated children's stories online which can be downloaded free for single use. This blog is maintained by one of the resident artists. To see our website please click on link above.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Art As An Investment

 Do you buy lottery tickets?  That's the equivalent of expecting artwork to appreciate by factors of 10 or 100 in your lifetime.  Does it happen?  Yes, but with the frequency of the lottery winner.  Will art appreciate?  Most likely, if it is good art.  In the same way that a fine piece of jewelry or a fine piece of hand-made furniture may appreciate.  It is a hedge against inflation in the same way as any tangible asset, be it real estate or gold bullion or a Burmese ruby.  It does not wear out.  It gives pleasure.  It proclaims your aesthetics and taste to those who visit you.  It lives with you.

Buy art that speaks to you.  That will be a friend in your home.  That excites you.  That brings you contentment.  That will give you pleasure to share.  Over time, you will be rewarded immensely!  And you have something tangible and beautiful to leave to your heirs.

Generally art will appreciate with time, as will most tangible fine possessions.  But if you are looking to "make a killing" in art - then buy "art" in the $100,000 (and way up) range, cross your fingers and hope, and know you are gambling!  And read Don Thompson's "The $12 Million Stuffed Shark!!

Better, buy what you love.  Art speaks to you.  It is often said that the difference between a "painting" and "art" is that "art" triggers an emotional response - joy, sadness, elation, contentment, even distress or anger.  A painting is just decor - it may match the walls or provide a focal point over the sofa, and that is a worthwhile function, but that does not make it art.  Of course, what is art to one person is not to another, and vice versa - so you must find art that is "art" for you.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Importance of Art in Interior Design

Hello everyone!   This is a new blog (or rather I am a new blogger) so please be patient with me as I learn how to do this.   We would like to open a dialog with all of you interested in art as an integral component of a serene yet stimulating life.  

The turtle shown in our profile is swimming toward the light and we hope you enjoy her!   The original can be seen on our website.   I will, if I can learn how to blog successfully, be changing the picture from time to time - it is much more interesting than a picture of me!

We feel that everyone (or at least all of you that are not die-hard minimalists) would enjoy having something beautiful, interesting or stimulating to look at in you daily lives.   Sometimes it is just difficult to start - to actually go out and acquire something beautiful to look at every day.    If money is tight, try picking up a sculptural piece of driftwood on the beach.   Or if you don't have a beach out the front door, maybe even an arrangement of autumn leaves in a favorite vase, or if you don't have a vase an an old glass jar will do.    If money is not tight, or not so tight, maybe you'll find a painting or a sculpture that will please your soul.    Lots of us are creating these, and we want them to find a home too.

We will be interested in hearing your comments - what place does art have in your life?